Testimonials from Past Customers

Home Improvements and Repairs, LLC, has many happy customers. Read what they have to say, below.

“Scott is a skilled tradesman who offers a wide array of services to help others with home and business property repairs. I have given him repeat business because I find him to be responsible, punctual and has the right tools to do the job. He has been in business in the valley for many years and operates in a fair and honest manner.”

- Dee C.

“I have hired Scott with Home Improvements and Repairs on multiple occasions and have been satisfied with his services every time. From simple fixes of door hardware to full-blown remodeling, he and his company provide realistic timelines, realistic cost estimates, and an expert work product. I think that Home Improvements and Repairs with Scott at the helm is an excellent value.

The thing I enjoy most about Scott's services is the peace of mind it gives me. Having Scott's phone number handy means that I don't have to worry about complicated jobs that inevitably crop up, either at home or at my business. If I have time to do them myself, great! If not, Scott is the first person I call.

Lastly, Scott is an excellent resource with regard to project guidance. I have asked for his input on a number of occasions and have always been pleased with his insights - many of which saved a lot of money.”

- Ben T.

“We hired Scott on a number of occasions. The first project was to reconfigure part of a back patio lid. The original construction left an undesirable 10' section open and being the new owners we wanted it to traverse the entire length of the house.

The job turned out seamless! Looking back there today you would never know that it was ever any different.The way Scott had to tie into the existing facia and roof line was impressive and like I mentioned it looks like it always should have in the first place. Thanks again Scott for a great job. Lisa”

- Lisa C.